This tutorial goes over the process for creating and saving assets to your Cinema 4D Content Browser, and then the necessary Python Scripting in order to load the Content Browser assets. Once setup, these Content Browser assets can be assigned a shortcut hotkey or docked to your interface for even faster access in the future.
The tutorial also goes over the necessary logic so that you can adapt the script to suit your own needs, even with zero prior knowledge of Python.
Code here: https://pastebin.com/Y9rbDv65

This tutorial will introduce the Script Log & Script Manager inside Cinema 4D, and how they can be used even without any formal Python knowledge.

Scripting In Cinema 4D can be really useful for increasing efficiency by making scripts that function similarly to macros or Photoshop Actions, or can add additional functionality like setting Custom Hotkeys.

This tutorial goes over a number of methods for accessing tools more easily in Cinema 4D. This information can enable you to interact with C4D's tools much more effectively to work faster!

In this lesson we go over how to model a bottle using the Lathe tool and then setting up a UV map in order to apply a label as a texture from Photoshop.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series from the Intro To Cinema 4D course I teach at Macomb Community College.



Tonight Billy Chitkin (https://gernge.com/) joins Liam to talk about his background, work, and how he incorporates Redshift into his workflow. We had some general Q&A as always.

Redshift Live: Season 002 is here! Tonight Billy Chitkin and Liam Clisham talk about materials, R20 features and answer your questions!