Mixed Parts - October 2018 Entry

In collaboration with Justin Lemmon//
Role: 3D Modeling & Scene Construction, Animation, Look Development & Rendering in Redshift, Compositing in After Effects, Sound Design in Audition.

Mixed Parts is a monthly animation & design brief set out to challenge & encourage participants with a provided color palette, theme or other imagery. Submissions are uploaded to Instagram,
but we wanted to take this another step forward to create a world combining Justin’s design & illustration skills with my ability to execute in Cinema 4D.

* Concept, Storyboards, 2D Animation & Illustration done by Justin


The final look in a 16x9 Format with additional color & atmospheric layers.


Starting with Justin’s initial sketch, we built out the 3D world and tested different combinations of 2D & 3D layering for the clouds & atmosphere before settling on the final look.