Halfrez 8 - Opening Titles

In collaboration with Boxfort // Music & Sound Design by Sono Sanctus
Role: 3D Modeling, Animation, Look Development & Rendering in Redshift, Compositing in After Effects.

The Half Rez committee members approached me about creating bumpers or content for their 8th event early on in 2019. This idea sounded really exciting so I approached the other members of Boxfort and so we decided to go all the way and create a full opening title sequence. We concepted the story of three attendees coming together from separate worlds to go to the event, the video follows each of them until the point they encounter something we all know too well…

In order to accomplish this, Nick Parente, Julie Craft and I each decided to direct one third of the project, so that we could divide the work evenly and pull in extra help for our respective sections as necessary. I am responsible for all of the 3D content from the skatepark scene through to the final shot.

* Full Credits: Nick Parente, Julie Craft, Dave Holm, Billy Chitkin, Scott Hoch, Justin Lemmon, Amy Sundin, Anthony Maiuri, Jake Williams, Michael Condon & Wes Slover.