Hoonigan & Ken Block’s 2019 Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Automotive Modeling, Texturing & Rendering // In partnership with Ash Thorp and Leo Esteves.
Role: Vehicle Exterior - Body Kit Modeling & Rendering. Vehicle Interior - Modeling, Texturing & Rendering using Cinema 4D & Redshift.

My time as a fan of Ken Block’s ‘Gymkhana’ automotive-stunt video series precedes ever beginning to study any kind of animation or 3D programs, so when Ash approached me to help him on this project it was a no brainer.
Little did I know that I would be working alongside him to interpret Ken’s vision, and lay down the polygons that would become the design of the body kit for a vehicle that will be raced around the globe throughout 2019.

See more about the design process of the car & livery here on Ken Block’s Youtube channel.

*Concept, Design Direction & Rendering by Ash, Exterior UV Unwrapping & additonal modeling & texturing by Leo


The final round of clay renders made to get Ken’s approval on the design of the bodykit under Ash’s direction. In total, I am responsible for the modeling & execution ofthe Front Bumper & Lip, extended Hood Vents, Front Fenders, Side Skirts, Rear Over-Fenders, Rear Bumper & Diffuser and the extended lips on both decks of the Rear Wing.

The final round of renders Ash did to showcase the car alternating between a neutral black color and the 2019 Race Livery *design made by Troy Lee Designs.

The final set of renders I made to showcase all of the work I did on the interior, based off the previous “Cossie” Ken raced in 2018 & in Gymkhana 10. I took it upon myself to put this much effort into the interior so that we would be able to render the car from virtually any perspective and have the appropriate details in the cockpit to be visible.


The process video documenting my involvement with the project. Starting with modeling the exterior all the way through creating the assets for the interior & the final set of renders. Song: "Nissim" by The Gaslamp Killer.

A handful of high-rez images I made later on after combining the completed interior with the final UV-mapped Livery. Additionally I explored some setups to layer dirt, rain or mud on the car to suit potential rally environments.

Detail shots of the various switch panels, differential computer, gauge cluster, steering wheel & column, sequential shifter & handbrake which I modeled and textured.