Blend 2019 - Opening Titles

3D Modeling & Rigging // In partnership with Gunner
Role: Environment Modeling, Character Modeling & Rigging, Technical Shader Development in Arnold

I had the opportunity to help Gunner with their work on the Blend 2019 Opening Titles. I was tasked with visualizing a handful of key environments, as well as some of the “Named Creatures” which represented the speakers at the event. Additionally I was involved in creating the Arnold material setup which allowed Null’s World Position values to drive gradients for the Blend Monster atop “blend mountain.”

* Direction by Gunner



My role in the environment modeling process was as an intermediary between Slawek Fedorczuk’s concept paintings & the VR sculptors led by Collin Leix. I would use the painting to lay down an initial pass of low-poly geometry which would later be brought into Occulus Medium for details & sculpting additional assets by the Gunner team.



A number of “Named Creatures” were made to represent the different speakers at the event. I worked on a few of the early designs which were cut, but the six-legged beast for Jay Grandin was one that I modeled & rigged which made it all the way to the final cut. I was not responsible for final animation or lookdev on these characters.

Testing the functionality of Jay's rig.


The “Blend Monster” was a tricky asset to handle due to it’s multi-step pipeline. It being one of the few shaders requiring dedicated color control to be built in, Nick Forshee asked me to handle the baseline setup to drive gradients within the Arnold Shading Network based on the World Position of control nulls. Nick took this setup much further than my initial build, adding additional controls for feathering as well as constraining them to the proper points on the rig.


Brief exploration of the Blend Monster's gradient control rig & Arnold Shading Network.



This shot wound up changing quite a lot after I had last touched it but I was happy with the setup I created for the water rippled which triggered the animation of the plants as the creature breached the water.